99 Cougar won’t crank, or start.?

Question by SeanNYMoore: 99 Cougar won’t crank, or start.?
Okay here’s the deal. Just before winter started this year, I was fiddling around with the head unit in my 99 Mercury Cougar. I was swapping out an older CD player for a new one I had just gotten. This wasn’t the first time I’ve changed CD players in the vehicle, it’s more like the 4th or 5th time so I knew what I was doing. I finished connecting the CD player and turned the car to run just to see if the CD player was connected correctly. It turned on very briefly then turned off right after.

I then tried to turn the car on right after this happened. It wouldn’t even crank. The dash lights will not come on, nor will the head or tail lights. I cannot even shift the car out of Park (automatic). The only things that do work are the power locks, dome light and trunk pop.

I’ve read around a bit on Yahoo! answers and other sites and feel that it may be in theft mode, but the solutions I’ve gotten on how to get out of that mode haven’t done anything (pushing the “unlock” button on the rke transmitter, unlocking either front door with the key, etc.). I took the battery to Auto Zone to see if it somehow died and they said it was good.

Not entirely sure what to do about it at this point, any solutions would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Steve-o
Start looking at the main fuses under the hood. The big ones.

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