any one know how to bypass “watchguard”?

Question by love_is_death911: any one know how to bypass “watchguard”?
are school had crapy blocks befor, and they finaly got smart, and they have a new program to bloack sites, they use “watchguard”
cant use proxys so thats out of the question i have tryed over 50 different proxy servers, tryed loading it through google as different profiles it will last for like 5 secs then give the “watchguard” block, but im not sure if you can bypass it or disable it or not, some sites work, like one i made off of freewebs its not bad , have some older games on there, and candystand seem to be the only 2 good sites we can get on to.

any information on this would be great, ty all

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Answer by Viper
Sorry but schools are getting better protection through government grants.

School’s are legally bound by the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act to block proxies, myspace etc and the like.

Schools have to take this seriously to get certain technology funding.

You are very unlikely to find a way around it and then you are risking your computer rights/detention/suspension by trying to bypass their security.

Best thing to do is accept it. Schools have to protect children from seeing certain things on the internet and not messing around with social sites etc (this prevents cyber bullying).

If you are desperate to get online at lunch time etc, then your only solution is to get a phone that has internet access or your own laptop with your own wireless isp card, such as Verizon.

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