Brianna Denison’s death?

Question by kelly k: Brianna Denison’s death?
I am really upset and hurt by my friend Brianna Denison’s death. I lived in the same dorms as her and she was my next door neighbor. We shared clothes and secrets and I have a lot of photos with her. I am having a very difficult time with dealing all of this. I have counselors and friends I can talk to about it, but when I call up my parents they are RUDE. My Mom talks about how beautiful she was and what a tragedy it was and then this morning she goes “She probably deserved it, she left the door unlocked.” and I hung up on her for that. And I am really close with my Father and everytime I try to talk to him about it he goes “Im in a meeting honey i’ll talk to you later” or “I’m eating ill call you later” or “Im working on the computer we can talk later?” or this morning he said “Im in a meeting sorry honey”. HE lost his father a few years ago and he said it really helped to have a person there to listen to you. So why wont he talk to me now? My Mom is one thing cuz she drinks but HIM?

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Answer by Di Amore
Awwww i’m so sorry. Yeah, it’s all so awful and really hard to deal with. I knew her too…but not as much as you did. You were close to her and thats really hard. Honestly, it’s something that is going to take a lot of time to get over, because the whole situation is so haunting to anyone that new her…especially since she was such a sweet person. Your parents really are not giving you the help and support you need right now, so try to find someone to talk to, someone that you trust and who will be there for you to call, whenever. What happened with her is something that is too hard to simply forget but just know that over time you will feel better. But what your mom said if fucked up….really fucked up. I’m sorry. Perhaps your parents are just having a hard time discussing it. Well i may not have been of any help but i do really wish things get better for you. And I pray for Bri’s family and all the people that are effected every night.
Much luv,

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