Bypass Parental Controls – Vista?

Ok, my freak of a mother so called “grounded” me without much of a cause, when I left my house she logged into my computer in my room and set extremely high Parental Controls on it, and she changed the administrator password and removed my passwords, At various set times when I get to the login screen after booting up I click on my picture, however a “X” Pops up and says “Yadda Yadda restricted Yadda Yadda” and I can’t get onto the admin’s account, any way to bypass/defeat or remove these ParCon’s?


  1. I answered your other question, try
    going into accounts, and creating another one with administrator controls, then altering yours.
    going to control panel, click on your account, click change/edit. then you can edit you from a standard or an administator.
    you can go into their account, into users and then reset the password for all other users on the system.

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