Bypass School Filter – No Proxies Or Installing Allowed!?

I have no idea how the hell to get past my school filter. They’ve thought of everything:
1. Proxies.
Nope. I’ve sifted through 20+ pages of proxies and they’re all blocked. So why don’t I make my own….
2. Because Proxies Don’t Get Past the Filter Anyway
I’ve tried using web archives and language translators as proxies, but i’m still blocked! WTF?
3. IP
I’ve heard somewhere that you try accessing a site via its IP. I haven’t actually tried this, but whenever I visit a restricted site and get a “THIS IS BLOCKED” message, I notice that the url bar includes, among other things, an IP address. Meaning that the filter checks for IPs too.
4. Google’s Cache
Doesn’t work
5. Installing Anti-Filter Software
I’m not sure if such programs exist, but if they do, they can’t be installed on my school’s computer because you have to be an admin to install anything.
Please help! I’m not sure what type of filter it is, but it’s a good one. It is created by EduTech


  1. Why dont you spend that energy an not engage in something that your school has blocked for reasons. The same reason why you are wasting your time, and of course the school’s money to try and defeat?
    you’re in school ot LEARN. Not surf the net. Wait till you’re at home if you want to view your daily porn.

    but this is the only one left that isnt blocked!
    when you enter the site it will say a few insecure items click yes to all and then if it says error click ok then after your at the site type in the address, and if your doing myspace, you have to type in or it will bring you to the french version so

  3. Do you have usb ports on this PC you can use?
    If so, get a jump drive, and google for a browser called
    “tor, that will run off the jumpdrive.
    Tor is a proxie, Firefox browser, that might get around your problem, thats what I use here at work.

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