Can I Bypass The Chip Circuitry To Start A Car With A Key Copy?

Thieves do it, so it must be possible. I’ve lost the master key & remote to my ’02 Camry, have nothing but a valet key which will start the car. Toyota extorts HUNDREDS to make a chipped replacement key. I need to have some kind of spare that will start the car, otherwise I’m totally screwed if the valet key is lost. If I can just wire the iginition to bypass the security circuitry, a regular (unchipped) copy of the key should work.


  1. Its possible but would cost you quite a bit to bypass it. The remote starter I had put on my Toyota required an extra key to use the chip out of, there was a way to wire something in to make it work without the key but would have cost even more. I think getting a proper key will be your best bet in the long run, remember at some point you will want to sell the vehicle.

  2. No.
    The reader reads the chip in the key, so no one can use a copied key without the chip.
    Thieves don’t do it, for the most part they use repo trucks and take them to a chop shop to part them out rather than even try to start them

  3. Sure it can be done, I’d have to see a copy of your electrical circuit before I could tell you how. Best bet would be to go to a locksmith and have him to make a key from you valet key, and order a remote off of ebay. To program the remote you can find out how to do it by doing a search on any of the search engines. They all sound a little weird, but work.

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