Can My Patents Tell If I Am Using A Proxy To Bypass Parental Controls??

because of my little sisiter my parents put parental controls on my computer even though im 17
when i go to myspace it blocks it and stuff like that
its called
CA Parental Controls
i just want to know if they can tell what im doing, what sites im going to, and if i use a proxy
i can delete the history still but i want to make sure


  1. I doubt it. You could try with something you think you wouldn’t get in trouble for.
    You could talk to your parents and ask to go on myspace and stuff because you are 17. But you’ve probably already tried that.

  2. Using a proxy only makes a difference server side. For instance if you are from the US and you need to be from the UK to access a site and you ran your IP through a UK proxy you would be able to access the site. If the site you wish to access is related to anything of an adult nature, the site will be tagged, this means the parental controls will log you accessing the site even with proxies on.

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