Can You Help Me Bypass Stupid Window Vista Driver Restriction?

I have a Gateway Laptop.
It uses an Intel video card. (Intel Mobile 945GM).
The original version of the driver had tons of bugs – most games froze almost immediately.
The 2007 version of the driver had less bugs but still sucked.
Intel has since released two versions of the driver in 2008, but they’re only available on Intel’s site. When trying to install them, I get the message “The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from this computer’s manufacturer. Setup will exit.”
Does anyone know how to bypass this?
The manufacturer (Gateway) does not have the latest version of the driver.


  1. You could try to update the driver by going to Device Manager and updating it, directing it to the file you’re downloading from the website.

  2. You can’t bypass it. The driver looks for the correct signature in the firmware on the card itself. Gateway, and all other manufacturers, optimize the factory driver to utilize special “functions” on their laptop. You need the Gateway driver for the Gateway laptop, and after a while, the manufacturer stops development on older models. It really sucks.
    There are enthusiasts that hack the drivers for video cards to make them work. You may be able to find something for your video card that way through Google, but obviously there is risk in using something like that.

  3. The drivers will have to be digitally signed in order for vista to install them. You can try looking Gateway web site for the driver

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