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in like most of the schools there is a blocker that doesnt allow students to go on inapropriate sites and stuff like that…i want to know if theres a way to bypass that…dont get me wrong, im not going to go on porn in school, thats just wrong!, what i want to do is be able to access my hotmail or my gmail from there, go on sport sites and simple stuff like that.


  1. I am a admin for a network, now should you manage to find away round it you would be caught out within a few minutes, by the prinsiple.. eack network is setup so that should someone break the rules an alarm on the master server goes off, it tells the principle on what workstation and who used it, and I don’t think I would like to be in your shoes…. the reason for this is if the server gets a virus and it passes it on to all the workstations it would be very expensive for the the school to have the network down, and more expensive for your mother and father if they have to pay the bill to have it repaired at something like a $1000.00 per hour
    stay way from that thought, even on your home computer everything you do is tracable, every site you go on you leave your compuers foot print,
    your IP address, name of person signed on, time, date, and a lot more be sides..

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