Computer…i Have Several Old Computers About 10 Years And Hp’s. I Gottm Real Mite Expect

older models of Dell and Hp..about 7-10 years old..They seem to work..except that a few need pass words to get any there a way to bypass the passwords? And then the ones that dont need a password. either dont have a hook up for my fat internet cable jack (larger than the standard phone jace) using a satellite high speed type service,,,then it appears that they only except dial up, dsl or modem…I want to be able use my current highspeed service..It’s called Clearwire…the systems dont recognize this type of service..I tried to install and ethernet..but theres no connection on the ..i guess its called the motherboard..that little white plug- in piece..theres no where to plug in that little white piece from the ethernet card into the large circuit board that i can see.Its easy to find on newer computers?? I wanna by pass the password and how can get the systems to recognize my highspeed internet ..Clearwire..system…thanks…


  1. First, You are wasting your money with these old computers if they are 10 years old.
    But if you really want to spend some, there are 2 different types of Ethernet (RJ-45 jacks) cards produced in this era. one is a PCI and the other was ISA. If it is ISA, scrap the PC. As parts and drivers will be next to impossible to find. And if you do find them the performance will never be satisfactory.
    If it has a vacant PCI slot, then buy an inexpensive Ethernet card like a Linksys. This card is very reliable and comes with the drivers to support the Win98 you will be using.
    As for the passwords, if the password is in the BIOS, just pull the battery for about 20 minutes.
    If the password is in Windows (95 through ME) just click cancel and windows will come up.
    If it is windows 2K, you will need a password deletion diskette. You can get this from almost any computer repair shop.
    Eliminate the password,
    Install an Ethernet card and the Clearwire will be easy.
    Note, in these older PCs, do not use the USB for Internet connectivity as the performance will be very bad.

  2. 10 years old? Probably Pentium 2 or 3
    You have to install a LAN card to get broadband internet
    Most games and big applications like Photoshop are gonna run reeeeeeeaaalll slllllloooooooowww
    RDRAM? SDRAM? add another stick, tho for sub-500mhz that won’t help much

  3. Please don’t waste your time on those junk! They can’t be upgraded anymore since alot has changed in computer technology since 1997!

  4. Assuming you are speaking about the Dell BIOS password, “erasing” the BIOS (there is a jumper for doing that on the motherboard) should solve this problem. I say *should* – I can’t remember for sure if this worked on my old Pentium 100 Dell or not, since I never used a BIOS password.
    I’m guessing your internet uses an Ethernet port. You can get add-in Ethernet cards for dirt cheap (probably under $10). Slap one in and away you go with high speed internet. Make sure you get one that plugs into whatever slot you have. Some will likely be ISA slots instead of PCI, and you may even have a microchannel slot (though I doubt it, unless you have true IBMs).

  5. Whoa, dont even mess with them or spend more money on them. Best to sell them on ebay or throw them out, or use them for parts.

  6. The only way I know to clear the passwords is to format the pc, which clears out everything. About the highspeed internet… I guess you might have to get a new mobo that supports high speed interent.

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