Computer Security.?

Why is computer security so easy to bypass.
In Xp you can lock your files and folders from other users so they cant view them but if you attached the hard drive with xp on it to a vista pc or laptop vista will bypass xp,s security and let you view all files.
Why is is so easy to bypass vista passwords too And why is it that you can use a usb device to take controll and get sensative data from pcs and laptops.
I have always learnt how to bypass security by any means.
Even the secure pc can be breeched so why is pc security so weak?.
xp & vista are very weak and most of the population use windows even with the security packs installed and the latest updates installed a pc can still be breeched.
I do not think anyone who owns a pc would be safe security wise so why do people even bother with security programs most of them cant detect newly programed code and by the time they do its too late.


  1. that’s why they have service packs xD
    also try booting up in safe mode if you have xp by pressing F8 you will see a hidden administor account, put a password on it but do not forget it
    i still think mac is more secure, vista is more annoying than ever with its UAC

  2. because Microsoft don’t care much about security. Ironically speaking bill Gates realized importance of security only with Windows XP SP2 when Microsoft released Windows Firewall with SP2, plus an Average computer user not always aware of security threats.
    Only few years ago businesses and average user realize importance wired/wireless internet security
    only time will what will happen next.

  3. I understand. That’s why I’m in the process of switching to a Linux OS. Ubuntu 7.10,(Gutsy Gibbon), with Beryl to be exact. For more info on what I’m talking about, try,and

  4. you cannot do this over the net, most companies use linux or unix to run servers, yes windows is weak when you are sitting in front of it.

  5. Any thing can be breached, Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac,.. The real question should be why do people feel an overwhelming urge to violate other’s rights, privacy, and property.
    Without bad people there would be little need for good laws.

  6. Dude your confused and a little sick. First it the great American way put out a product that half baked and sell the users other software to protect it. It’s all about the money!
    Next your sick for admitting your are a cracker. I hope you go to jail soon.

  7. Most security updates/patches are designed to eliminate remote access to the computer. The same is true of file system and domain security. The questions you ask deal mostly with physical security of data. Several organizations that have machines with questionable physical security like laptop computers (used in travel) have resorted to full disk encryption to address those problems.

  8. Vista (and XP to a lesser extent) CAN be secured. It’s a function of doing so. By default, the files are made easy to access and share. If a company has sensitive information the files can be encrypted and locked down by the OS and by the applications themselves. Vista also supports the new Bitlocker technology that can lock an entire drive.
    Yes, I expect most consumer machines (not being used by a drug lord) are wide open. Most consumer networks are installed without WEP keys or MAC filtering–but not in my neighborhood–I’ve seen to that.
    There will always be hackers who take delight in preying on the weak and naive as well as those who help others keep their private data private.

  9. Do you have an actual question or are you just looking for someone to agree with you…
    Windows systems for the most part have always been shipped configured for the maximum ease of use.
    Which means they are not configured for maximum security out of the box.
    New code is certainly something to be concerned with which is why I always recommend that people have antivirus from a RELIABLE vendor,properly configured, and automatically updating.. being on top of new code is what we pay for.
    Any system can be breeched given enough time. The fact that you are admitting in writing and on a public forum to committing the illegal act(s) of breeching security by any means.. is crazier than the (lack of) question.
    The problem isn’t the lack of security.. it is the lack of security awareness education.
    Good Luck.

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