Custom Computer Help?

Umm…To start off, I am using a Gateway Laptop with a cracked screen and a 98′ Samsung Syncmaster 900p monitor to replace the laptop screen. Everything works fine except for the sound card and I’m not sure about if it has a video card…..Anyways, I play this MMORPG called MapleStory (please don’t say don’t play it or play runescape, it’s better because I only play it during summer and it’s almost here =D) and for some reason, everytime I get to the CRC bypass authentication, my screen turns blue and says I have to restart my computer and make sure I have installed it properly. Well, I’ve installed and uninstalled 4 TIMES and it’s (sorry to say this) REALLY PISSING ME OFF! To any computer guru out there: Please help me. I haven’t been able to play any games for the past 2 months. I have been playing Hello Kitty: Island Adventure as a source of boredem killer.


  1. ok sounds like your in the market for a replacement laptop. This sounds like an old outdated laptop and really you should think about updating. It sounds like the problem is happening with your video card – which means it will have to be replaced.
    Hmm Let me give you an inexpensive alternative, this company here sells used (usually 2 -3 years old) laptops. Most of the have XP on them and because they are only 2-3 years old they can be upgraded if you want to upgrade them.
    They have everything from Apple Powerbooks to Dell Latitudes, even HPS & Gateways.
    They sell their times for a really cheap price and they have 100% positive feedback.
    If you purchase a replacement laptop through them, you will be in great shape!
    Besrt of luck.

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