Do You Have To Install A Program If You Get A Webcam?

If I get a webcam, would i have to do any installing on my computer for a program it might have…do all webcams have programs? If I do, how can install it and bypass the part where im not the computer administrator?


  1. On Windows, you’ll need to install maybe 1, maybe 2 things:
    1. You’ll absolutely need to install your new hardware. This takes place the first time you plug your webcam in a USB port. It will most probably ask you permission to install drivers, in which case you have to be an administrator to do so.
    2. In many cases, to do anything with your webcam, you might also have to install the drivers and applications located on the CD they probably shipped with the webcam. Once again, you most probably have to be an administrator to install this software.
    In some cases, Windows can make your Webcam work with its own internal drivers; otherwise, you’ll have to install the drivers located on the installation CD.
    Good luck!

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