Do you know how to unlock “Telling Stories” computer program?

Question by jessmy5: Do you know how to unlock “Telling Stories” computer program?
Question Details: My husband and I input virtually all our memories for the past 60-70 years on this program. Now I can raise the program but it won’t open to show what’s in there, nor allow me to add more. It’s supposed to have a “key” to “unlock” it, but “Telling Stories” no longer answers e-mail and no longer exists online.
Any hints please – how to find the company or how to unlock the program.
Thanks PeeMee for trying so well. But these links don’t work, as I had already discovered.
Thanks Mustbe, maybe I’ll try that idea, but I have my doubts!

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Answer by ?the?4OGx3!
EGads, what will they think of next!? This makes me want to delete all of my answers for fear some A-I will takeover my identity after I die.

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  1. This is all I could find, i do not know if it has any significance for you

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  2. You should have what they call a key,
    this would be same as password.

    Try System Restore..see if your PC might let you do it just for Telling Stories.

  3. Wow, that is a precious archive. I would say not to try to try to reinstall anything, in case it is erased or partially erased.

    Have you upgraded your system software lately? Sometimes when system software is upgraded (eg Windows) then some programs will not work.

    I think you should make a backup of the entire hard drive before you fiddle around with it more (you can purchase a separate hard drive which can back this up, some of them with the simple press of a button).

    You have probably found the company Broderbund which I think distributed this title. They say they are not able to provide support on this on their website, but I would give them a go, as this large company is still up and running. They mostly publish educational type titles, so I feel they would be responsive to your call for help.

    From their website, as you already know:
    “Support for the Telling Stories software had previously been provided by the Telling Stories company. As of 7/22/07, the Telling Stories support website is no longer accessible. As a result, additional support for Telling Stories is no longer available.”

    Another way would be to find a school or genealogy group that uses this program to ask them.

    Try this:
    If you are able to get the program working on another computer, you may be able to copy the files over to that computer so that your work can open up on that computer. Just like you are able to copy a Word document from one computer to another. Even though you haven’t solved the issue of why the first computer wouldn’t open it, at least you will be able to open it, and perhaps make a backup and burn a CD presentation to show to your loved ones. 🙂

    You may be able to get Broderbund or a computer shop or a school to help you work out which files to copy across to the other computer.

    I think you should try to not even touch your original computer, and work off a backup if you can – so that you avoid the possibility of over-writing any of the stuff you have saved there.

    Good luck

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