Does Anyone Know How Hackers Use Your Internet Cache And Cookies To Hack Into Your Email And Myspace?

I tried looking at my own cookies and I cant see anything but a bunch of numbers and letter that make no sense to me at all!
How do they get to your cache on your computer remotely first off and secondly, how do they find your passwords or bypass your passwords with all that gobbley goop? I’m not completly stupid, but would really like to know how exactly they are doing this?


  1. It depends on the site. To clear up something though, there usually almost nothing in your actual internet cache besides cookies that can be used to hack. (never say never, though.)
    Cookies on the other hand often contain your username and password. The reason you can’t read them is that they are usually “hashed” or encrypted. Hashing some text creates a unique string of a certain length that’s made up of numbers and letters. Hashes cannot be undone or decrypted. A hacker could figure it out eventually, but it takes some time. The more complex your password is, the longer it takes to crack a hash. A simple 4 letter password could literally take less than a minute to solve. A more complex 12 letter password with letters, numbers, and symbols could take days or longer.
    However…. cookies can ONLY be read by one of two methods. Viewing them from your own computer (as you did) or by the originating site itself. The latter means that a cookie can only be read by, not or any other site. If the site has a vulnerability, hackers can use the site to read your cookies, a vulnerability which has had in the past.
    I don’t actually know how most hackers hack accounts, but I would presume that it is most often done through 3 methods: phishing, direct social engineering, and brute force. None of those 3 methods actually require the hacker to interpret or decode your cookies or cache.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Cookies hold the information about the user and password.
    hackers once gaining those cookies will decrypt the cookie to find the user id and password.
    But its hard to decrypt.

  3. Get a book called the hackers handbook read untill ucant read any more
    but i answer such a question i’d be violating the yahoo rights
    and remember that it’s that batch of gooped data that is decoded to compile all the infor they need
    and that file called .dat is their chance.
    find a hacker and ask him to take u to his studio

  4. First of all If you are using IE do NOT allow it to save your passwords. It does not encrypt them. Firefox does however. Have a decent firewall. The only way for someone to get your passwords and such if you do have a decent firewall and don’t allow IE (internet explorer) to save your passwords is through a keylogger (a kind of trojan virus). Have a good antivirus like AVG free version. And NEVER give anyone your passwords.

  5. How hacking works
    is theres buffer overflow
    coockies and cache just leads them to you easier such as tracking cookies can give them ur ip ect.
    iduno if u knew this but anything u do on ur cmptuer it saves somewhere which only can be revored by experts
    passwords etner.. fiels opened ect.
    hacker basicly finds and opens whole files and finds ur passsword

  6. for the last couple days , ive went to delete my cookies(which i do everyday ) and there havent been any .. is this the work of a hacker ? if so , how can i tell ive been hacked ? nothing has been changed on my pc before or after my cookies NOT showing up … thanks

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