Does Anyone Know How To Bypass Some Of The Blocks My School Has?

i would just like to do this to do all the obvious fun stuff you can do at school with command prompt. as far as i can tell there are pretty extensive blocks on the computer im using, including a block on registry edit, task manager, and i can open command prompt by going through the system files except once open it says the command prompt has been disabled by your administrator. if i try using notepad to open the command prompt i get an access denied message. i believe my school uses peerguardian as a security system but im not sure if there are more and i also know that the school uses the novel network client.. any help bypassing any of these and getting access to any of these is greatly appreciated (esp. command prompt!) … thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Download a copy of cmd.exe and regedit.exe from an unblocked computer and put it on a flash drive. Then you can run them from the flash drive on the blocked computer.
    Hope that works for you : )

  2. we had to do this at my skool cuz we had the same problem
    go to google and type
    kproxy myspace
    then click on the one that has…blah…blah it should be in green
    and it should be the first one
    scroll down till u find a website that says
    it worked at my skool hope it works at yours
    another way is to learn the password to the filter/block when u kno the
    guys daughter u can get the password from her hahaha lol

  3. For websites like YOUTUBE MYSPACE u need GOOD proxy sites!
    YouTube is not supported on all proxies and my you should trust only those proxies with SSL for your private information
    check this : (try disabling the SSL if slow youtube)
    This is great proxy … works will all websites and the best part is VERY FAST SPEEDS!

  4. to get onto websites like myspace or facebook while at school you can use a proxy. look up a proxy on

  5. just purchase a VPN account

    you may wanna read some vpn reviews before you buy,here is a good vpn review site

    myvpnreviews dot com

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