1. Either my wife or I sat right there with them when they got onto the computer. No teenager can shut down their parents, they didn’t like it but I didn’t care. There is to many creeps online today and teens have no clue of safety and danger what so ever. We had 8 kids and one computer it was in my home office. This office was locked up when I was gone and there was an alarm and if went off my cell phone would ring also. I had set times for each of them to use the computer for their home work. My wife had set time for them to use the computer just for fun. Both of us had set amount of time for each kid. We had a schedule set up for them so they knew when it was their turn.
    Yes, it was a pain but we knew what they were doing at all times. If we as parents didn’t protect them then who would of?
    These programs that they have today like Net Nanny the kids get right into them very easy. My son got into all these programs within 4 minutes. So with my wife or I sitting there; there was not problem and there was no worry.

  2. i’m 13 i can hack past all of them. best answer is:
    MAC: Create a hidden root user. go into system preferences and enable net security then create a password. any site u or they want to access will now have to have a password to unlock it but only for the first time u view it. can be annoying but if their a good hack they won’t be able t get past it. if their a pro hacker they might be able to do it but this is by far the best solution for mac.
    pc: For this you will need 2 computers or a server where the internet is coming through. So what you will do (get a techi to set i up 4 u) the internet will come in through a modem to the cpu after if goes through the modem you will plug it into a cpu/server and that u can setup a network proxie that stops filters all outgoing internet. this is wat education queensland uses to filter schools iternet connections.
    😀 hope it helps

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