Help Me Bypass My School Filter?

There is a filter on my school’s internet, set up by the government. It is very annoying. It basically blocks everything on the internet until a teacher requests for it to be unblocked. Sites that are unblocked include Google, Wikipedia…. that’s probably about it lol. So you can see why I want to try and bypass this darn thing.
Here’s what I know:
-The computers are Apple Macs, have access to most models (eMac, Core 2 Duo, Laptops etc, if it makes a difference.
-They might all connect through one (proxy?), because if one person gets banned off Wikipedia, we’re all banned. (Wikipedia thinks its all the same computer, but its actually everyone in the State)
-We all have Gmail Accounts (Well, we use Gmail to connect to our emails)
-I can use Firefox 2 or Safari
What i’ve tried
-Proxies (I must have been the 1st to try, since they were unblocked then blocked as soon as I used them ;D)
-Google Cache (My friend was the 1st to use this, but then it was also blocked)
-Changing proxy settings in Firefox (Portable as well)
So yeah.. have any ideas?


  1. Ok so you can try google translate and translate a the webpage that you want to go to.
    The reason that you get blocked from wikpedia is because your IP address has been banned.

  2. The filter is there for a reason – because the internet connection is there for your EDUCATION, not to play around on. It does cost the school money, after all.
    And yes, the NSW DET’s blocking policy is very strict, you’ll never find a way around it. I guarantee. And if you do, you won’t be able to get around it for more than 8 hours at the most before they discover.
    The thing is, every connection to the internet goes through their proxy. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t get connected to the internet. There’s no way around it, get on with your work.

  3. You can’t. That’s your answer. Everything will be blocked the second you access it. I’ve been trying to bypass the 8e6 Mobile Client for a while now, and have yet to gain any progress. Now just think, my program isn’t from the government. It’s made by some other company. It’s hard to bypass, even with a Proxy. Now, the government has installed that on your computer. Do you honestly think you’re gonna be able to bypass it? I can think of a couple of methods, but doing them would probably be violating your contract and could get your computer confiscated. That being said, just wait till you get home and use your own computer.

    Sigs pwn you.

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