Help My Laptop Computer’s Mother Board Got Fried. The Hard Drive Works But I Can Not Open My User Profile?

I can view my information on my hard drive but I can not open my user profile, I have not had to remember my password for about 4 years. Is there any way to bypass this.


  1. You can get Linux Live CD like Knoppix, boot off of the CD and you’ll have access to all your Windows files. Then you can copy all your files to an external hard drive.

  2. the mother board is F`cked but you can try and get a computer network security dude, he or she can get into the hardrive backwards and get your info you want.

  3. You want to take ownership. I’ve had to bypass someone’s logon info to extract data off a hard drive after the mobo on their emachines died.
    Right click on the profile
    Owner tab, change ownership to you.

  4. You do not have a issue with your motherboard, otherwise the Operating System would never start up and you would not be able to use your computer at all.
    There are programs on the Internet that can help you get by your password issue!
    If all else fails, use your Operating System CD to wipe your hard drive and reinstall your system.

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