Help with iPod touch?

Question by Abcd Efg: Help with iPod touch?
Idk if it’s just something for an iPhone, but I know acouple people who did some stuff with their iPod like making the battery symbol filled with fire, or changing the “slide to unlock” thig to pacman…. Does anyone knwo how to do this or what app to download? Thanks for yor help:)

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Answer by Bookends
Yes it is an app.
All you have to do is go on your app store and search BATTERY.
A list of apps that you might find interesting might come up!


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  1. In short they are able to do this because they jailbroke their iPhone it is also available for IPOD TOUCH. Jailbreaking does not mess up your itouch or phone, there is a whole’science behind it, don’t jailbreak if u have a new iPhone or itouch but if you have a 2g. Then you can edit more then just what the battery looks like. I would highly reccomend reading up on it before doin it though a newer phone or itouch or 3g has a jailbreak but it’s teathered meaning that if you turn it off, you need to plug it in to a computer to get the phone working in it’s jailbroken ‘state’. 2g iPhones can be jailbroken without being ‘teathered’.

  2. Yes if you jailbreak your ipod touch and download the app winterboard from Cydia (the jailbroken app store) then you can fully customize your ipod. Jailbreaking can be done using BlackRa1n if you are on firmware 3.1.2 . Jailbreaking WILL NOT mess up your ipod. Jailbreaking CAN BE undone. Apple CANNOT detect it, so if you jailbreak then restore your ipod and it breaks or whatnot, youll be fine.

    If you ever experience any problems, follow these steps:
    1. Connect your ipod to your computer.
    2. Hold the power and home button on your ipod touch for 10 seconds.
    3. Release the power while still holding the home for 15 more seconds.
    4. iTunes will tell you an iPod has been detected in recovery mode and to restore.
    5. Click restore and your iPod will be unjailbroken and back to factory settings and all your music/apps can be resynced.

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