Hi! I liked the game NFS Underground-2 which I recently started playing and I need some little help from you..

Question by Enie: Hi! I liked the game NFS Underground-2 which I recently started playing and I need some little help from you..
I have had my 1st contract signed with “toyo” There they mentioned of some car that will be presented to me…”does it mean that I get that car only after the contract has been fulfilled?” and 1more qdoubt “How can I know where the parking lot, n etc are present because in the map I get only race locations, car lot, performance shop, n garage how can I get parking lot etc?” “Is there anything that I can do 2 unlock any of the parts or I just have to wait, winning games, for the parts to be unlocked?” I hope u will defenitely help me. Thank u

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Answer by Jack L
didnt you read my answer. i post everthing there.
as unlock the city, you also unlock car shop, just like upgrade shop. some car shops are in locked city.

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  1. I dunno y these psychos even bother answering if they cant answer str8

    Well, here u go

    The car lot is where u get ur new cars.
    The car lots are the ones as Light Blue circles on ur map, which u must have figured out.
    Lemme give u a small piece of advice.
    This is ur first contract so go ahead right now n buy any of the SUV’s available.
    There are three of them: The Hummer H2, The Lincoln Navigator
    and Ford Escalade
    Buy any one, so that u can play even the SUV races
    These SUV races show up only if u r driving an SUV

    As for the unlocks, performance parts do get unlocked by finding some of the hidden shops around the city
    Press the “T” Button to view ur stats n see how many hidden shops are left to be discovered in ur current area
    The shops are seen having neon lights
    Green indicates a body shop…
    Dark Blue is Performance
    Yellow is Graphics
    Red is Paints n Vinyls…

    These shops show up as completely filled circles, unlike hollow circles which indicate races

    Another way u get stuff unlocked is the simplest…win races

    N there has been a major improvement in NFS U2
    U can actually play a thing called ….an outrun…yeah thats the name
    A bit too difficult to explain everything here

    If u find that I can helpu more feel free to IM me on my Yahoo ID
    IM: hackersintown

    BTW, I have played that game around 3-4 times…
    So I think I can help u out

    Hope to hear from u soon…bye n have fun

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