How Can I Bypass A Password Set On My P.c. By My X Girlfriend? My Operating System Is Windows Xp!!?

she had posession of my personal computer for a short time.when i
regained posession…I found myself to be locked out by a password she had
entered.When i contacted her,in hopes of getting the password…she said she
didn’t remember it.


  1. when it is on the page requesting the password: hit control, alt delete TWICE
    In the password box type: Administrator
    Start>Run>Control pannel>userpasswords>select username & click change password & change it!!
    Then log out of administrator then switch user.
    I had to do this when I actually forgot my password for xp pro last year, I got the information from calling Microsoft directly.

  2. you can use EBCD, this tool will allow you to rest the windows password with no need to re-format, re-install.
    Just download it and burn it on a cd and boot from the cd then follow the steps to reset the windows password.
    enjoy !!

  3. there is a Jumper setting on motherboard.
    you can clear the CMOS settings by changing the jumpers.
    read the mainboard manual or get it checked by some hardware expert.

  4. you don’t say if it is a password on the BIOS or on the Operating system itself.
    If it is on the BIOS contact the motherboard manufacture or the computer system manufacturer for specific instructions to reset the BIOS password back to OEM Default.
    If it is the Operating system, and you don’t have the password, the best and simplest way is to use your restore disks and reinstall the operating system, then restore your backups from before your girl friend had it and returned it. I won’t help you get into the current operating system so that you can snoop on your x-girl Friends stuff.
    Now, if you don’t have a back up, well, this is a lesson to you. Back up; back up; back up.

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