How can I free up a stuck door lock?

Question by Nick P: How can I free up a stuck door lock?
I have a 1995 Geo Metro that has a door lock that is stuck on the passenger side. It’s stuck to the point that if you try to force they key, it will bend before opening it. Before I purchased the car, it sat for awhile. The driver’s side was very difficult for awhile too, but now that I’ve been using it daily it has been moving much more freely. I remember when I locked the passenger side (it was unlocked when I bought it) it was very difficult to move the lock lever on the inside of the vehicle. I’ve attempted to turn the key with the window down while I reach inside and push the lever at the same time with no success as well. I’m sure that the lock isn’t frozen and that it’s not the key failing to “unlock” the lock. It’s doing it’s job, but corrosion must have gotten the better of it at some point.

Anyone have a suggestion? I need to get the door open so that I can take the door panel off for further examination. Perhaps spraying a lubricant inside the lock itself?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by blanderswake
Spray some WD-40 in the lock.

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  1. While there are products such a “lock-eze” that are designed to loosen seized tumblers – I’m terribly curious why, since you want to get the passenger door open to gain access to the interior panel and you say the driver’s door works fine, why you don’t unlock it FROM THE INSIDE dumb ass.

  2. get a can of pb blaster and use a straw and stick the straw in the door lock and spray the lock.

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