How Can I Reset Bios Password To My Dell Dimension E520?

In desperate need of some help here, I just got this computer and need to get access to changing boot sequence in the bios but I can’t because it says it’s password protected, how can I bypass this or reset? Thanks very much for any help you can offer.


  1. you will need to reset the bios. you can do this by following these instructions:
    1) download the bios that corresponds to your computer FROM DELL ONLY (i say this as download bios from 3rd party websites can really mess up a computer)
    2) follw instructions with .exe file (if you didn’t get and exe but a load of files you will need to copy them to a floppy disk)
    3) restart your computer and boot from floppy.
    4) follow the on-screen instructions (most of the time it will do it all for you and you just have to restart) and voila! all done

  2. To reset the BIOS password, you need to open the cover (before you do this unplug the system from any power outlet (it is not meant to be funny but you won’t believe as to how many people don’t do this ansd screw up their system)) and find the “Password Jumper”. It is a small jumper that sits on three pins. It will be marked. Look for small lettering near the jumpers. One of them will state “Password” or “Password Reset”. Remove it and insert it into any two pins on the same three pin group or just remove it. This removes the BIOS password.

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