How can i start safe mode in iphone?

Question by Smiley: How can i start safe mode in iphone?
I was using iblacklist for iphone 3g to block one number to call me. Then that number called, i enter the iblacklist to have a look at it. When iblacklist has started it showed a message say sth and ask me to restart. I did restart my iphone. Then there comes the error. My phone got started but it was stuck at the “Slide to unlock”. It stayed there for a few minutes and rebooted again and it stayed there again. I think if only i can’t start safe mode i would fix the problem. Thanks for help, please. I don’t want to restore my iphone at all.

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Answer by Geoff
you can use a app on computer called ifunbox. This should give you access to the ipod now just find the i blacklist app and uninstall.

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