How Can I Unblock A Number That Is Calling Me That Says “blocked Id” And/or “univabile”?

I am getting a call just about every night arround 11 pm that says blocked id, or unavibale, and they just stay on the phone, and dont say anything… is their any software or sompthing that I can do that can get me too see who is calling?! thanks


  1. It depends on who your phone company is. The carrier for my area is BellSouth/AT&T. If you have caller id, make sure you have the one with Anonymous Call Rejection so people can’t block their number when they call. The system will tell them to unblock their number and call back. Then you will be able to see the number.

  2. when you answer the phone what is the guy/gal on the other.saying to you. If he/she is being rude call up your phone company say i want to report it. if they don’t do anything you can always call the police they have the same technology to get the info
    good luck!!!!!!!

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