how can I view AVI files downloaded from Lime Wire on my comp. that has Windows Media Player and Quick Time?

Question by : how can I view AVI files downloaded from Lime Wire on my comp. that has Windows Media Player and Quick Time?
What media player is associated with avi files? can i use windows media player or quick time player? as of now when i try to play the avi video files, windows media player initiates but gives this message “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file” …… or i get a codec error and auto matically directed to a webpage wanting me to do surveys to “unlock” updates for windows media player codec, that is supposed to allow me to view these files……. looks like a scam to me…..does Quick time not support avi files and if so how do I make Lime Wire use Quick Time automatically for these files….thank you, mike

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Answer by Fred H
get yourself a copy of VLC, that’ll play everything. and its great for DVDs too.

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  1. Windows media player will play AVI but you may have to download a codec, if media player says “cant play file” click web help, and it should direct you to the relevant codec

  2. Those are probably a scam. If your having trouble viewing ANY video file than download VLC player. That thing will open any media type up. Quick time is not very good and i suggest not using as your default player.

    Here is a link to download the player… good luck

  3. they both play AVI’s

    you possibly need to download the drivers again.
    or you could get a re-encoding program

  4. i don’t know what runs avi files but you should search “format factory download” on google and download format factory it can convert AVI to WMV and Wmv runs on windows media player

  5. Not a scam (most probably).
    To play a file you need a player and decoder. They are 2 separate things.
    You’ve got players (WMP and QT) but not decoder. It’s like a translator that tells your player how to decode the stream of bytes to display a sequence of images.

    So: install a codec pack. I suggest Combined Community Codec Pack ( ). If you go for any other, don’t pick up the one that has the word ‘mega’ in it’s name.

    Abut QT and AVI files: I have no idea. You sure are strange if you want to use QT as your video player on Windows. You can try though. Start QT and look for preferences or options menu (in File, Edit or Tools, it has to be somewhere). Then find about associations or file types. You can then tell QT to open given type of file and if AVI is on the list, you can select it as well.

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