How Do I Bypass A Block On Downloading And Installing Things On My School Computer?

the system runs on windows XP and it doesn’t allow installing programs off the internet, i’m not sure about CD’s or USB drives, would that bypass it? or what?? i need to install a program without them knowing


  1. The only thing I could think of that might work would be to install it directly onto a flash drive and then run it from that flash drive when on the school PC. For some things that can work, but quite possibly it won’t if the program puts anything into the Windows registry since the computer PC wouldn’t contain those changes if it was installed onto the flash drive from home.
    Anything else would involve some form of hacking/bypassing security stuff which would of course not only be against school policies but also would be illegal. I doubt it would be worth the risk.
    And on top of all of that, there’s no way to install something without someone eventually noticing.

  2. if you do you could get into alot of trouble but you couldnt really do anything without them knowing if its anything like my school

  3. i would like to have a software or sort of tutorials on how to bypass a install block software..

    thanks in advance…

  4. yeh so could you like put up a link of something i could download on my home pc then install on my school pc so i can do anything on the internet (e.g. facebook youtube etc.)
    if you could i would be very greatfull

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