How Do I Bypass Network Firewall To Download Torrents?

In my office, the Network Service Provider has blocked the ports that are used to upload/download torrents. I want to know that is there any way to bypass the firewall and download torrents without opening ports in router as i dont have access to it.


  1. Don’t bypass! Torrents aka P2P file sharing are often prone to spywares/adwares… OK Buddy? :o)

  2. If your office network service provider is blocking torrent ports, and they provide your only connection to the internet, then you may be out of luck, unless you can convince them to unblock the ports for you.
    However, it could be possible to tunnel traffic over ports your NSP does not block to an external source where torrent ports are not blocked.
    For example, if can SSH to a remote server whose ISP does not block torrent ports, then you might be able to do something like this:
    ssh -R 6881:localhost:6881 -R 6882:localhost:6882 -R 6883:localhost:6883 -R 6884:localhost:6884 -R 6885:localhost:6885 -R 6886:localhost:6886 -R 6887:localhost:6887 -R 6888:localhost:6888 -R 6889:localhost:6889
    When this does is, if the connection is successful, arrange for the remote side of the connection to pass traffic from its ports 6881-6889 through to your machine with the same port range. Then you can fire up your torrent client and away you go.
    You should expect the overall transfer speed to be lower than normal, unless your remote connection has significant bandwidth available (the traffic has to go to the remote connection and then to your machine). If your remote connection is on DSL, cable, or some other connection type with asymmetric bandwidth limits for download/upload packets, then the overall speed will be limited to somewhat less than the slowest of the two limits (which is typically upload bandwidth).

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