How do I fix the touch screen on my iTouch?

Question by : How do I fix the touch screen on my iTouch?
OK so today during a play/assembly at school (I’m in 8th grade) I was bored so I took out my iTouch. My iTouch is an older one, I got it back in 2008 or 2009 I think, it doesn’t have a camera. One of the teachers saw me and took it away. I had the app iDie open and I didn’t close it but I hit the sleep button on the top before I gave it to him. During the play, I looked and saw he had the case open and was doing or playing something on MY iTouch. At the end of the play we had a talk and he gave it back to me. So I put it in my pocket and when I got home, I took it out and to my dismay, when I went to unlock it, (the “Slide to Unlock” thing) wouldn’t slide. It was like the screen wasn’t sensing that I was touching it. Since I can’t turn it off manually since the screen won’t work, I’m waiting for the battery to run out so it will shut off automatically and then hopefully when I turn it back on, the screen will work. It’s pretty much my only option. That usually works when my iTouch freezes. Again, the sleep button and the home screen button work, but the touch screen doesn’t. Unfortunately, my iTouch is jailbroken so I can’t go in to get it fixed. I know the teacher did something to my iTouch either on accident or on purpose because it worked before he took it but it didn’t work after he gave it back to me (He seemed like a pretty nice guy, though). If anybody knows what the teacher did to my iTouch or how to get it fixed, PLEASE tell me. Thanks so much!!!!!

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Answer by ricky
try restoring it,and then rejailbreaking it
ihate rejailbreaking,adding all the sources,and downloading all the stuff again-_-

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