How Do I Hack Parental Controls, Like Find Out The Password To Unblock Stuff?

Why would the designers of the filtering software make it so you could find out the password and defeat their product? They make money by making it secure and as you have seen preventing trivial stuff like proxies form having any effect.
Maybe a talk with your parents is a better option?


  1. Well, my parents don’t do parental controls and I think I shouldn’t help you but I will..
    You need to check these links for different computer types.
    Or for your xBOX…
    or just google it.
    Microsoft has been a b – – – – lately about parental control, so if you own a pc or something from microsoft, it’ll be harder to hack.
    Otherwise, for a iMac, you just have to find a person who made a secret custom hack or a hacker who’s willing to do that for you. Pay some hacker to pass- crack parental control.

  2. alright, if your parents are stupid enough to trust those internet filtering systems, this won’t be too hard. you’ll need either ultrasurf or tor. these are proxying tools that allow you to get past any filters. ultrasurf is WAY faster, but tor works on every computer and filtering system. if you can’t download these programs at home, use school or library computers and save them to a flash memory stick or cd.
    enjoy your porn my friend!

  3. There is lots of different blocker things so I’m not sure.
    Can you delete the progam for Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. I’m not sure but it’s worth a try.
    But I think I will remind you about whoever above me said it’s addictive, and it really is…forget drinking responisbly….

  4. Dude, porn is VERY VERY addictive. It has destroyed my life. I’m not kidding. Please stop. Put it out of your life.
    It’s as powerful as heroine, and incredibly hard to beat the addiction. Just look up “porn addiction” and see some info on it.

  5. All you have to do is go to google and turn off the safe search. if the have it so you cant go onto certain websites, then you have to get on your parents profile and change the controls.

  6. Actually i was blocked from playing World of warcraft, and i need help to unblock it.

    P.S. Anything i type on the internet will give me the ” no internet” message and even when i open the game itself

  7. i need help to unblock it so i can get on facebook,GIVE ME HELP! im dying from boredom over here.

  8. Guys I have trouble my dad cough my playing pc during the time I can’t play on pc and he totally turn off pc and following day I can’t get in my acc then I figure it out they he make like I never get play pc anymore before I clenched time so I can play pc but now I can’t play can you help my to crack the parental control that they will turned off from pc without login in in administration acc

  9. guys i actually need to get rid of my parental control, but it isn’t for porn its because of youtube and minecraft.
    so guys you’re really sick, you should go to an addiction support page and get rid of that porn addiction you have

  10. I want to be able to copy and Paste pics. on google for facebook. I wanna hack my parents but until then theyre bloked from my fb 😛

  11. i need help hacking it b cuz mi parents are strict and wont let me download anything!!!!!!!!!! >.<

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