How Do I Restrict Which Network A Vista Based Laptop Can Access?

My son has found he can bypass the web site block on our router by connecting to a neighabor’s unsecure network, connect and then switch networks back to our wireless (w/ better signal/bandwidth) allowing access at his desire. I want to see if I can configure his computer to only access our home network – is it possible & how do I set it up?


  1. thats a smart little guy eh? what you should do is put you as the admin on his computer, and him as a user, with that being done, you can limit pretty much everything from networks he can access, to the web sites he can view, even down to the times that he can be on the internet. vista is a very strong tool in parental control. i cant talk you through how to do this, but the manufacturer of the computer can. HP and compaq hare very good about this, as well as dell, they will walk you through all of the things needed to do to control these things.

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