1. go to your Yahoo Mail. Click on Options (in the upper left cornor area). Click on Block Addresses. Here you will find a list of address that have been blocked, look here for the email address that you want to unblock and click on Remove Block.
    Hope that helps!!

  2. All Email is still received, however placed into catagories. So check your trash can and Bulk/Spam areas before you go looking anywhere else. If they are not there, send this person a message to MAKE sure they have your CORRECT email address.

  3. To see/remove your block address, go to mail options, click block addresses, click edit/add block addresses. If the email address you want to unblock is on that list, click it and then click remove.

  4. the only way to unblock him is too log off your computer..take a giant poop..then on the poop…write the senders name..and flush..that way the sewer rats will recieve the message and they will go into the internet lines below and will unblock the senders message, the process will take up to a month tough.

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