1. swallow lots …..but don’t hold yer nose when you do it………..you’ll make it worse.
    swallow with yer head between yer knees might help?
    good luck… I SAID GOOD LUCK !!!!!
    did you hear me?

  2. Place a few drops of vegetable or olive oil in your ears. The wax will soak it up like a sponge causing it to go soft.

  3. They make an ear wax candle at herbal stores, works great. Do NOT attempt to flush or dig in your ear yourself, you can really complicate things.

  4. I had this once, it eventually went away. It’s irritating isn’t it!??!?! Try sucking on some sweets as if you were in a plane or a train going under a long tunnel.

  5. A few drops of olive oil could do the trick. You might need your ears syringed – in which case you will be told to put in drops of olive oil anyway for a few days before they do it.

  6. It should clear itself as soon as the cold allows it to do so, if it does not clear? seek advice either from Pharmacy or, your GP, do =not= put excess strain on your nose trying to clear it, that, could cause you problems.

  7. well u see u get a cotton bud or cotton wool and wet it in water, put fairy liquid on it and it goes through your eAr and you will unblock ur ears and burp bubbles too

  8. the Valsalva maneuver – hold your nose with your fingers, and then act like you are going to blow all your air out of your mouth but keep your mouth closed. Do not do this too forcefully, just until you feel your tympanic membrane reposition itself.

  9. Try chewing some gum, or swallowing. Chances are, it’s not wax in the ear, but a clogged tube that runs between your ear and nose. Flexing the muscles around your jaw might help.

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