1. Your school filter can detect a proxy as soon as you try it and either block it on the fly or notify an admin to block it manually. The bottom line is that all proxy’s will eventually get blocked. As the filtering software gets more advanced they will get blocked faster and faster.
    There is also the question of the rules and laws you are breaking by trying to hack your school security system.
    Finally even if you got a proxy to work for a short time you are inviting the proxy owner, many of whom are using the proxy for hacking purposes, to infect and or hijack your school network. Read more on the dangers of proxy’s below.

  2. Hello,

    Yes I know the one. SMART Sync 2009.
    Do this

    Step 1) Log on to computer at school.
    Step 2) Click Connect on SMART Sync interface when it loads.
    Step 3) Now press ALT-F4 twice.

    Hope I helped

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