How Do I Unblock These Things At School? Yes We Have The Lan Blocker Crap?

My teacher made it impossible to right click with the mouse can i change that? also i’m trying to get on the internet but that’s blocked too, any possible help here. and before you lecture me on how i shouldn’t do this i get extra credit from her for exposing the loopholes


  1. if you mean right-click on images in your web browser – look for a setting to disable javascript.
    You could also try the right-click button on your keyboard – it’s next to the windows key.

  2. While I’m not going to lecture you, people don’t seem to understand how important it is to be doing you’re school work (or otherwise) to prepare you for living on your own, rather than thinking you’ll never need it then…BAM! You’re suddenly on your own and regretting why you didn’t listen and do your work in the first place.

    But hey! We need fun, too! Good for dopamine!

    Anyway, if it’s Windows and it’s internet explorer, you can open up the browser, go “Tools” then look for Internet Options”. Then, go to “security” and go to “custom level”. Go down and look for “Allow active scripting” and select either “enable” or Disable” (depending on what your settings are for under “scripting for java applets”).

    For Firefox, you can download a plugin “righttoclick”.

    Hope this helps!

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