How Do I Unblock Websites On A Macbook?

My parents blocked websites on my new Macbook such as youtube and myspace and I would really like them to be unblocked. I’ve been using proxies, but those are just too much of a hassle. Also, I know all the administrators passwords if that helps. Someone please help me!

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  1. Exactly. Your not allowed on Myspace during school. Your not allowed on photobucket, youtube, facebook or any of the social networking websites.
    Let me define school.
    An institution for the instruction of children or people under college age.
    An institution for instruction in a skill or business: a secretarial school; a karate school.
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    A division of an educational institution constituting several grades or classes: advanced to the upper school.
    The student body of an educational institution.
    The building or group of buildings housing an educational institution.
    The process of being educated formally, especially education constituting a planned series of courses over a number of years: The children were put to school at home. What do you plan to do when you finish school?
    A session of instruction: School will start in three weeks. He had to stay after school today.
    A group of people, especially philosophers, artists, or writers, whose thought, work, or style demonstrates a common origin or influence or unifying belief: the school of Aristotle; the Venetian school of painters.
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    Close-order drill instructions or exercises for military units or personnel.
    Australian A group of people gathered together for gambling.

  2. you can go to for a whole list of sites
    all of these sites work with youtube, myspace, and all the other sites you might be blocked from
    be sure to use the urls with the https:// and not http:// at the beginning to keep them from getting blockedhttps://remainhidden.comhttps://gtfomy.bizhttps://browseunblocked.comhttps://getus.inhttps://vvd1.nethttps://browse007.comhttps://sneakmyass.inhttps://studyhallhelp.com

  3. go to it will let you get past any website blocks even in a school system. No download required.

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