How Do I Unblock Websites With Avg Free Addition?

I have recently installed AVG free addition of virus protection. I am very happy with the updates and installation but it seems to be blocking some websites I have tried to access. I can not seem to find a way to unblock them in any of the preferences or options. Is there a way to put these sites on a safe list or find out exactly which sites it is blocking?


  1. I don’t know of ANY sites that AVG blocks.
    Your Internet Explorer might be blocking some, FOR IT’S OWN PROTECTION! And some of the programs I recommend will block some, but they have been determined to be VERY DANGEROUS to your computer.
    If a reliable program blocks a web site, DO NOT UNBLOCK IT!!!! That site has been determined to be DANGEROUS to your computer by computer experts whose job it is to help protect the ‘unknowing’ computer user.
    I use all of the following Free software with Windows XP SP2 and Internet Explorer with MSN toolbar and the pop-up blocker turned on and have never had a single problem with my computer sense Microsoft came out with SP2. (knock on wood.) (And be sure to keep Windows and the following software Updated)
    The best Anti-virus is: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. (
    The Best Spyware defense is: SpyBot Search and Destroy (
    AND: AdAware SE (
    AND Spyware Blaster (
    The best Firewall besides the one that comes with Windows is: Zone Alarm (… or just ( and select the FREE version.
    These are all FREE and are all that are required. There is no reason to pay for this kind of software, except to give a donation to the writers if you can.
    ALL the above programs are recommended and should be run on a regular basis. With some the free versions they must be run manually.
    The best way to avoid getting any Malware (virus, Trojan’s, spyware, etc) is to practice safe computing. Microsoft and many others have countless articles on the subject of safe computing. (something I think should be taught in schools)

  2. hey . thats a great antivirus…..if u need the key to make it full version u can PM me on yahoo messenger…leave an offline if i am not online……i will get back to u with the key
    thats my id on yahoo messenger
    best wishes

  3. If they are sites you know and trust then put them in the Trusted Sites in Internet Options. Just make sure you uncheck the little box that only allows https: sites to be added. Uncheck and then you can add http: sites.

  4. i dont know much about avg other than its not very good from what i hear u may try downloading and unistall avg first avast

  5. Hi, you can try firefox browser.
    firefox can fix the homepage hijacked.
    it can block any annoying popup ads. it can prevent most of the virus in the webpage, as you know, most of the virus is spread through internet.
    Download firefox for free:
    Good Luck!

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