1. I would just reformat the machine. It probably has a bunch of junk on it from the last user that you don’t want anyway. Starting with a fresh OS install will solve your problem and also make the computer faster and cleaner.

  2. Is it a boot password? In other words do you get asked for a password before your operating system (windows or whatever) starts up? If so, here is what you have to do.
    Open your computer’s case. On the motherboard, there will be a small battery usually about the size of a penny or dime. If you remove that battery for about ten seconds it resets the BIOS settings including the boot or BIOS password. When you reboot, your computer will ask you if you want to load default cmos settings…say yes. You will also need to reset the time on the clock once you get up and running. When I was taking my computer class, another trick my teacher taught me (never tried it though) is to take an ordinary plastic drinking straw and flatten it on the end. Insert the straw underneath the battery so that the connection between the battery and motherboard is broken. Leave it in for about ten seconds and remove it.
    For resetting the windows password in 2000/XP check out this sitehttp://www.petri.co.il/what’s_the_passwo…

  3. If it is Windows go to a friends house and download Ophtcrack and burn it to a CD and then put the CD into the drive and start up the computer to boot off of a CD and then from there initiate the password cracking program once it boots into slackware. That should help, otherwise there are other cd’s that can reset the password. You will need to search specifically for your OS version.

  4. Alright heres what you do start up the computer and just when its booting up click F8 repeatdly. A menu will come up and select the option which says “start in safe mode.” The computer will start normally except for a few small differences and you should be able to log in without the password. Once your in go to the control panel and remove the password.

  5. press Ctrl+Alt+Del+Del when you are asked for a password, a new window will appear. change the user name to “administrator” then you will log into administrator’s account. this will run if the administrator has no password. try it.

  6. I do a system restore or reboot, whatever its called? Because I do virus scans, I cleaned out any unwanted programs and it is still slow! I was thinking if I restored my computer back to the “out of box” state it will make it faster? I know i’ll lose everything but thats the whole point.

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  7. Frnds dnt take tention just start ur pc in safe mode then go to user account and remove password then restart ur pc and u can start pc without password

  8. Mr. King khan, please tell me, without knowing the password how can you remove it:-P bcoz for removing or aditing a user account which is protected by a password you should know the password.

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