How do I “unlock” a song that I purchased from Itunes?

Question by Carrie: How do I “unlock” a song that I purchased from Itunes?
When I try to convert songs I purchased from itunes to MP3 it won’t let me because it is “protected”. How do I get it to let me switch it over?

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Answer by Redsox324
it should be on ur playlist

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  1. Hmmm not sure but i hate when people pay itunes. just download limewire. if u have a virus software installed your good to go.ive had not one problem with lime wire for years. music should be FREE

  2. I’m sure my solution is not the most elegant you will learn of, but it does work. I burn a cd from itunes (making sure to printout a playlist with all the information about the tracks). I then switch over to a diffrent program (I use musicmatch) and rip the songs as MP3s. After tagging the new mp3s with the title and artist information, the mp3 files I’ve created can be used anywhere, including any mp3 device.

    Because you purchased the songs from itunes, they are legally yours. You are allowed to change formats of the things you purchase. Some of the other suggestions involve violating the law, which I do not advise. Having a copy of “my humps” is not worth your liberty or your livelihood.

    First you have to burn the songs you want to convert onto a blank disk. Once they’re on the disk, insert it onto your computer. Open WMP (Windows Media Player), go to “TOOLS” then press options. A window will appear go to the “Rip Music” Tab. Then where it says format choose mp3. Press OK. Then rip the CD onto your WMP and they should be mp3. Hope this helps. This helped me when I put songs from itunes on my PSP.

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