How do I “unlock” my Belkin wireless router?

Question by iRockHard: How do I “unlock” my Belkin wireless router?
It has a security shield by it every time I try to connect to it, and says I need a pass code. This doesn’t necessarily bother mean, but I can’t get onto it from my iPod. I’ve tried playing with the security settings for the router, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to do it?
For some reason or other that I’m not aware of, the factory defaults are to have a security code in them, but it is nothing. When I use an iPod Touch to connect to it though, it shows the network But it is un-joinable.

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Answer by Adam
The easiest way to go about this, since you don’t know exactly how it’s setup, would be simply just to reset it by holding the reset button on the back for something like 30 seconds. That will reset it to factory, thus opening the router for access without any security in place.

Before you do that you should make a backup of the current configuration (can be done within the router) and you should take note of the WAN (especially your login method), LAN, and Wireless configurations assuming you have a simple setup as most people do.

To setup the router to connect to the net you’d need to know your login method (usually PPPoE), Login user name and password associated with your internet account from your provider and set your connection behavior to “keep alive”.

Next make sure your wireless radio is enabled and set your SSID to what ever you want like “My Router” and enable the broadcast SSID. To secure your wireless network simply set your router to WEP 64 bit and set your pass phrase and use key 1.

And of course if you need to access the internet from your iPod by wireless, you’d need to enter that key 1 into your iPod and any other wireless devices.

If you have any trouble try power cycling your modem by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Just go into your router and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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