How do u “unlock” an iphone? for verizon?

Question by Jake S: How do u “unlock” an iphone? for verizon?
im hearing all of this talk about unlockign an iphone to make it for verizon, i have heard that theres a microchip in it that u ca change, ive heard they sell them, and i heard that there is no such thing. so im asking flatup, can u get a verizon iphone? yes or no? and if yes? how?

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Answer by Yash B
No, you can’t. iPhone is GSM phone and Verizon is CDMA network. They’re not compatible.

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  1. you can’t. it’s like apples and oranges. the iphone is a GSM phone….verizon uses a cdma network. so….you can’t get an iphone and use it on verizon.


  2. The networks are not compatible so it would not work. No it would not work. iPhone can only be used on a GSM network. You might want to consider getting a similiar phone on Verizon like the LG Dare.

  3. to all the people above me and who ever says no. i actually have verizon and it workd out because 2 nights ago i used this wonderful download it only cost me 25 dollars. Plus they dont have to send it in the mail. you download it, and conect your phone to the computer and it dose everything for you. i mean it worked out nice for me , but Try it and if it dose not work you get your money back.

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