How do you unblock the Internet on a computer with Windows 2000?

Question by Christopher: How do you unblock the Internet on a computer with Windows 2000?
On my work computer you can only get to wedsites that the IT team has “unblocked.” All others come up “Site blocked by local policy.” I know there is a way around this because someone at work has done it for me before. He no longer works at the company and last weekend they reimaged our computers. We are running Windows 2000 if that helps. They only thing I know about how it was done is that he went into some file/folder/doc and switched around a one and a zero. I don’t know how much longer I can go with out the internet at work!

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Answer by kidizm <--- its a web proxy

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  1. Then leave your job, have no money and stay at home all day on the internet.

    You are employed to work, not to surf.

  2. Sorry, but there’s probably no way around it. You’re just going to have to wait and do your surfing at home. Whatever loophole your colleague found before, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s closed now. Maybe that’s why they reimaged everything.

    I can’t help but wonder if there’s any connection between the fact that one of your colleagues figured a way around the policy and that he’s now no longer with your company. 🙂

  3. Here’s a clue: you don’t have access to the net. You have access to the company’s servers that have access to the net.

    The IT guys are where the servers are. When you access the net, their job is to notify your manager, who will then pull you in for a conference and will put a written warning in your file. Eventually, if you keep it up, the conference will be in the HR office, where they will have someone escort you out of the building.

    The reason you don’t have access to the net is that you are at work to work. Your company has decided that your job title doesn’t need to access the net to accomplish your job. Their view is, I’m sure, that if you are unable to do the job the way they want it done, they can replace you.


  4. If you access those sites somehow, then you’re doing it through a portal that the IT people can see. Would you really want to go to a site they’re saying isn’t OK to see at work? Doesn’t that strike you as a site that you’re gonna get in trouble for looking at? Just ask the boss to remove it for the sites… if you wouldn’t name the sites by name to the boss, then odds are you REALLY shouldn’t be looking at them at work.

  5. If they block the internet then they can tell when you circumvent it. You should only do this if you don’t care about losing your job.

  6. @all of u stupid fucks that are so worried about this guys employer and him not surfing the net at work, Fuck we work most of the day away slaving at our desk to make gigantic amounts of money for our employers , so FUCKING what if he wants to check a website or a news article online or show his coworkers a controversial video clip for a few minutes of a 9 hour work day, God forbid he hurt the profits of the corporations because he’s not a stupid fucking slave to his job like you dumb fucks, holy shit why do we go to work again, Oh ya for us not for are employers, surf the net at work , who fucking cares we have to get something back for our efforts besides a paycheck thats 20% of what we really made for the company, u pussy little fucks “o dont surf the net , not if you wanna get fired , your there to work , nothing else , your a fucking slave” u dumb fucks!

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