1. If you selected to have your number blocked on caller ID when you got your phone service you can try dailing *82 then your friends number. That should unblock your number for that call.

  2. There is a seqence you can dial before you call her so your number will be displayed, I think it’s *86

  3. that makes no sense, unlisted means unavailable on the caller id not blocked, call your local phone company and see whats up-in the mean time try a calling card and see if you can call her that way, or have her to call you, try collect if you can

  4. Usually services that don’t accept calls from blocked numbers either prompt you to manually enter your telephone number at a recording or they provide a “friends and family” code for you to enter so you can bypass the recording. An unlisted number does not mean you are not sending caller ID, it only means your number is not listed in the directory service.

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