How Hard Is It To Defeat Or Break Microsoft’s Bit Locker Encryption Program?

I installed the bit locker program on to my laptop. I am a small business man, an electrical contractor. I did this to protect client information case the laptop gets stolen. The bit locker program dose not slow down my computer in any noticeable way, I think its a good program. But how hard would it be for someone to bypass or defeat the bit locker program?


  1. Strong encryption is no use with a weak password.
    Remember, security is not a product. It’s a process.
    I don’t know much about bit locker, but let’s say it’s the best you can get in the world. But this will not guarantee your data’s safety.
    Once you enemy gets their hands of your encrypted hard disk, there are nothing to prevent them to access your data. Any encryption will be broken soon or later.
    Chances are, it’s not worth wasting time trying to break some encryption for average Joe. But if your data is worth protecting using strong encryption, it’s also worth investing some time, efforts and money to break that encryption for some people.

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