How Many Of You Have “blocked” Someone Only To Realize Later How “juvenile” It Was And Unblock Them?

I’ve done that periodically. I know… The only way I’ll block someone is if they try to be a “know-it-all,” is unfriendly towards me and hey, I’ll block someone if I feel they need/deserve it. Why? Cuz I can!!! Anyway, give me your thoughts on this. Thanks!!! Answer carefully and I may choose you as the “chosen” one for “b. a.” if I feel you “worthy” to accept it. As you were and peace out!!!


  1. I blocked someone Johns .
    Later after working out our problem in an adult fashion { both apologizing } it turned out we became friends even more than expected .
    Bad words & then making things good was the greatest feeling going .
    All it took was both people understanding they both are different & each unique .
    Has that ever happened to you ?
    * smiles * my friend & happy Eve . D 🙂

  2. Yes, and the make up cyber sex was AWESOME…..*Wink*
    Actually, to be honest, recent removal or blocked contacts have been due to protection for those folks. I’ve got someone trailing me, Johns, and I’m having ‘safe cyber sex’ for a time….LOL!

  3. Only once and when I unblocked them, they went right back on their tirade against me, so they were reblocked

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