How The Hell Does Antivirus 08 Xp And Vista Get Onto My Computer?

Hi, Yesterday I was infected with Antivirus 08 XP and thankfully I had malwarebytes and it was destroyed. I also manage to manually go into my program files and delete the folder before the malwarebytes. This was not done under safe mode. Now today, when I was on ebay, youtube. Antirivus Vista popped up! There was this webpage that popped up! Before it had the chance to load, it said something Vista antivirus thing. So I immediately closed all applications and exit out. Right now, I have malewarebytes scanning my computer.
So how does antivirus 08 xp and vista get onto my computer? I have an xp by the way.
I have my firewall on, spybot search and destroy, AVG, Adaware, CCleaner malewarebytes and a-square Anti-maleware. Obvious this stupid Antivirus 08 xp and vista is really sneaky to bypass all of this sh*t!

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