How To Bypass A Firewall??

My cousin went on the website that gets you IP number and blocks websites that he wants to be blocked ,blocked and it blocks it from all the computers in the house.
I hear alot of people talking about proxy ‘s websites but the only thing with those is that you cant sign in on myspace
Yes im tring to access myspace but all the website i’ve been tring to do wont let me sign in … Please someone with a good answer , answer this


  1. Most of us geeks have better places to go, better things to do.
    Maybe you need to get your own private geek.
    Look how well Melinda Gates has it!
    Do a google search for UNblockit, or,
    Check this out:

  2. apparently he put the block on the router.
    I would ask him to remove it and if he won’t then complain to the parents. (UNLESS of course, it is his system!!)

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