How To Bypass A Good School Filter? Help!!!?

Hi, I have this serious problem with my school’s computer!
Okay, the have an ENA filter! How can I bypass it?
I’ve tried proxies, but all of them are blocked that I’ve tried!
Then, I installed Firefox, but the filter stayed!
So, I would be very appreciative and grateful to whoever can give me a site or some kind of a solutions to bypass this filter….thank you ^-^


  1. As much as everyone wants to bypass security messures to get to websites that they have to visit during school/work proxies are not a very safe method. Proxies are security breaches waiting to happen; not only that, the owner of the proxy site now has your logon information for your account. Using a proxy to bypass the filters/firewalls will mean you are in violation of your user agreement with the school or your place of business. These sites are not school/work related, you can be punished by your school/management…

  2. Don’t do it. My son in law did it at a university in Chicago. He was caught and prosecuted by the federal government. He had a very good lawyer, but he now has a record and had to pay a substantial fine. It affected his life drastically. Don’t mess with the Feds.

  3. You could use another program like ultra surf, but those are easily caught so I recommend an anonymous proxy service like
    Also the guy who runs them sets up new proxies everytime he makes five bucks from the ads… its worth clicking them to support him.

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