1. realize that firewalls are there to protect the integrity of the school’s
    computer – and to keep bugs out
    innocent sites have worms and viruses that nail your computer

  2. Most of those firewalls also block all the decent proxy sites. What I do is download the firefox portable app, and store it on my flash drive. I configure the firefox settings to work through a proxy server running on my home PC. I figure it is not likely that the school will block my own home IP address any time soon.
    Basically in this way, I can just use my flash drive on any PC to surf from home…except I am not at home!!
    I don’t have time to write a full tutorial for you, but google around a bit and you can pry find the info you need.

  3. Use a different computer, like at home. Bypassing the firewall, if it could be done, would probably get you into trouble, since it is there for a reason.

  4. metacafe.com/watch/850806/how_to_bypass_… and this the list of free proxy >hidemyass.com/free_proxy_lists.php

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